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See what's happening any time, anywhere.  Security Camera Systems designed especially for your business.

networks aren't born, they're made.

Network Design and Installation for Business

Security is more than just a lock and a key.

Let Genesys help you secure your network with the latest in security technologies.


Genesys micro llc is here to help.   since 1989 - experience that makes the difference.

Genesys Micro is dedicated to providing small businesses the service and technology needed to compete in the global economy.



About us

Founded in 1989, Genesys Micro LLC has helped hundreds of small businesses employ the latest computer technologies to stay competitive in the global economy.   Genesys provides technical support and consulting services for small to mid-size business.  If your company is looking for a complete solution provider, Genesys Micro LLC is ready to help.
custom computers and servers.
designed to your specifications!
Networking design and installation,
including Wi-Fi and Lan

Upcoming events

 Cyber Summit USA - Cyber Security Summit
Cyber Security Summit,   wash D.C., USA

National Cyber Summit | June 5-7, 2018 | Huntsville, AL

National Cyber Summit, Huntsville al, USA


RSA Security summit, san franciso CA, USA