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Ultra Small performance computers

Don't have room for a desktop computer but still need the speed?  Need a real desktop but don't want the bulky tower?  Genesys Micro specializes in tiny office computers that are big on performance but small on size.  You won't believe how small and quiet these system can be! 

All-In-One Pc's

All-In-One computers are perfect for many POS (Point of Sale) installations, for the executive desktop, and for the  home.  Although not for everyone, they are gaining in popularity and make a nice alternative when space is at a premium.

custom servers - modified to perform

In the world of servers, it's not true that "one-size fits all".  Don't overpay for a server!  Let Genesys custom build one that just right for you.  Each server is meticulously assembled in-house and fully tested, ready to be deployed in your company.  With your choice of Case, CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, and Operating System, you can mix and match to get the best server at the best price.


Tablets are a great mobile solution.  Prices vary widely depending on processor, storage, and Operating System.  Having the ability to carry a light-weight system around and have access to your applications and web, make tablets a joy to use wherever you go. 

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WiFi is no longer the "luxury" that it once was - it's a service that's quickly becoming the new "normal".

That's why your customers are expecting WiFi service when they visit your business.  Would you stay at a hotel that didn't have WiFi available? Probably not.  Most cellular data plans are expensive and are capped at an artificially low level.  That's why WiFi is so important when it comes to high data intensive applications such as remote office, video streaming, and VPN.

Customers are using the internet to make phone calls to anywhere in the world (such as Skype™), streaming music and video (such as Netflix™), and backing up files remotely (such as Carbonite™).  Offering WiFi to your customers is simply smart.

Genesys Micro specializes in commercial installations of WiFi networks.  Some clients need to provide service to a few customers, but some like our hospitality clients, provide connections for large numbers of guests every day.

Genesys can design and install the perfect WiFi network for your unique business. In some cases, saving you money by consolidating outdated equipment with the latest technologies.

Genesys stocks specialized WiFi products that are high quality, commercial rated, for the best internet experience,  and best of all, more affordable than ever.

Genesys Micro is committed to offering the best in WiFi products and services. 

  Hotels and Hospitality

  Cafe´s and Restaurants

  Entertainment Venues

  Education and Universities

  Waiting Rooms

  Malls and Shopping



did you know?


For the past twenty years, engineers have been working hard on the concept of an entire computer system on a single chip (SoC).  You can see this in action by looking at your smartphone. The ARM CPU in your smartphone is a customized highly integrated SoC concept come to reality. Thankfully, this has been reducing the cost of computers as sub-components, such as the video controller, have been incorporated into the CPU itself.  Eventually all of the various components that make up a traditional computer system will be on a single chip - this is the intention of a SoC.  If you want to read more about this idea, and the impact it will make on the future of computing, click on here and read about the history and future of SoC.  Another example of the SoC concept is the single board computer, the Raspberry Pi. It may take a few more decades, but eventually many of the everyday computing devices everyone will use, will be built from a single chip, and cost under $25.

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