Services Overview

WiFi Products and Services

Genesys Micro is your source for WiFi design and installation services, from single office locations to large Hotels and Resorts.  With 24hr active monitoring, you know when any issues arise and can take all necessary steps to fix many problems quickly and easily.   Genesys WiFi solutions are used worldwide, but are very affordable.  Call or email for more information.

Networking Products and Services

Genesys Micro was established over 28 years ago as the area's first computer networking company.  Genesys has helped hundreds of companies connect with technology to give them the edge they need to compete in todays economy.  If you need LAN, WAN, or any networking services, call the main help line.

Security Access Controls and Consulting

International hacking has changed everything about security.  With the internet came the threat of intrusion, and now everyone needs cyber protection including your business.  Don't let your guard down - invest today in security technology to prevent unauthorized access to your valuable data and privacy.

Lessons from the real world

don't neglect your backups.

One day a client called that had a crashed server.  They did everything they knew to do, such as attempting to restart the server several times.  Genesys was called to provide technical assistance. It turned out to be a failed hard drive, which is more common than you might expect. They assumed that they had a backup that was performed every night and a recovery was attempted.  As it turned out, they were very diligent in doing the nightly backup and swapping out media, but the company that had originally setup the backup system had made a very critical mistake - the backup was set to copy the data from the server but then to immediately copy data from the local computer system, erasing the server backup.  They essentially had no backups.  The drive was sent to a national data recovery center but without any success of recovery.  They lost everything on the drive including all of the accounting data.  With no way to accurately determine who owed them money they went out of business 6 months later.

Genesys Micro can help design and setup an fault tolerant backup system which will provide you with the fastest recovery time possible.  Many customers can be up within just a few hours, and for those that can't afford any down-time, a system can be designed that can keep you operational even with drive failure.

Don't hesitate, call today.

Need a website?  Need Office 365?  Although Genesys does web design,  there are several expert web design companies in the area. Genesys also partners with one of the largest web hosting service providers in the country.  This provides our customers with 24hr, top-notch web support and cloud services.  You can manage your own site, or Genesys can manage it for you.  Whatever you choose,  Genesys is happy to assist you in going to the "cloud".

tech ninja

Are you a local business just looking for help with your existing network or computer system? Genesys Micro can help you become the master of your own system, and help you organize the way you think about technology assets.  From disaster recovery planning to internet use policies, Genesys Micro is your local IT source.


Video data recording

Security isn't just limited to bits any bytes

With intrusion detection and loss prevention on the minds of many CEO's, video recording technology has quickly become an affordable way to keep an eye on your valuable assets, and a great way to deter crime and validate real-world activities.  Genesys Micro provides consulting, planning, design, and installation of the latest video recording technologies. Genesys solutions aren't the same as the box-store products - incorporating real networking technology and hi-def 3-5mpx cameras to record even the finest of details.

  Remote video monitoring

  Video capture technology

  Hi-resolution images

  Motion detection with remote reporting

  Great way to deter theft

  Keep and eye on employee activities

  Playback and record at the same time

  Infra-red cameras record in total darkness

  Connect to your existing network for desktop monitoring