You have choices in IT solution providers, so Genesys strives to make your experience better than the competition. As one of the first computer companies in the area, with hundreds of satisfied customers that depend on technical services every day, Genesys is dedicated to the local business community.


Since 1986, before computers were considered a necessary business tool, Genesys was helping to build and install PC's and networks..  With an expanded product line and new services to meet customer needs, if you are sourcing local support, call today..


Genesys Micro operates under a very different business model - customer centric not sales orientied.  It our company policy.  It's integrity.


Who we are

team Genesys
Founded in 1989, Genesys Micro LLC has helped hundreds of small businesses employ the latest computer technologies to stay competitive in the global economy.  Genesys is your source for Technical Support and Consulting Services for your small to mid-size business.  If your company is looking for a complete solution provider, Genesys Micro LLC is ready to help.